Pearl Care Guide

With proper care, your pearls and pearl jewellery will keep the lustre and opulence that they have always had.

There are some best practices to protect and prolong the life of your pearls, and keep them looking gorgeous forever.

Although pearls have a good natural toughness and sit around 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, they are relatively soft and can be scratched quite easily if you’re not careful. 

Take care of them and provide a little bit of love and attention, your pearl jewellery can last a lifetime.


Pearls can also be damaged by many of the chemical and products we use daily, from hairspray to perfume, so we need to ensure we take preventative measures to reduce the amount of damage we can inadvertently cause.


As a general rule you should always put your pearls on last after applying any hairspray or perfume, and remove them first before applying any face cream or cleansing products.


The Pearl Company takes huge pride in sourcing the best quality pearls for our jewellery and makes sure that they are inspected and packaged with care to ensure they are received by you in excellent condition.  

When it’s time to clean pearls it’s really very simple, it doesn’t take long, but we need the patience to prepare and to make time for them, just like we do with our other loved ones!


You should never use a steam cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaning product, this can cause irreversible damage to your pearls.


It is good practice to give your pearls a gentle clean after every few times you wear them. A wipe down with a soft damp cloth should be enough to keep your pearls in good condition.

 If a more thorough clean is required we recommend some warm soapy water which won’t damage the pearls or the silk. Please don’t submerge your pearl necklace in water, as it will weaken the silk thread.


Carefully wipe the pearls with a soft cloth or your fingers, do not use abrasive products or scourers, this will be sure to damage the pearl. 


Allow your pearls to air dry and buff gently with a soft cloth to bring them back to their full glory.

Make sure you use a soft protective jewellery bag or pouch to store them in to ensure they aren’t damaged by your other jewellery, especially if you are lucky enough to have diamonds! 

Diamonds will damage your pearls faster than anything else so make sure you arrange your jewellery box carefully!


It’s these little things to remember that will make sure your pearls last a lifetime, if you have any other tips or ideas you would like to share then we’d love to hear from you!